Friday 4 April 2008

How the Irish Use the Web

Well... After many trials and tests, we've decided to release The Net Behaviour Report into the market. We're very excited about it really. It was a serious challenge... producing a single mechanism for ongoing tracking of how the Irish use the Web. Counting pretty much every site Irish Internet users mention. 500 plus sites, anywhere in the world, commercial sites, news and media, social networks, travel, music, airlines, recruitment, property... the lot. Exploring all of their communication technology use. Running indexes to describe each demographic segment, and all the time checking to see if the data makes sense. Does it stack up? Well it does, and I really think we've done it this time. There's a sample of the data that can be downloaded from this site, on the side bar, and we'll be updating this on a regular basis with more sample releases, and tables and that. And we'll also put up snippets and interesting facts that emerge from the data as we find it. If you have any specific questions for me, don't hesitate to email.

This is real time research too.  We never turn it off, so we will be able to watch the web as it changes.  New sites coming out of nowhere and becoming hugely popular, while some fade away. New ways of linking, tagging, digging, twittering, flicring, sniffing and, of course, blogging.  New banking practices, entertainment sites, news sites, podcasts, video pages and messenger products.  How things have changed in the last few years, and they are likely to continue to change.  Becoming more complicated, more enmeshed with the real world, progressively linking more and more people with similar needs and interests in more efficient ways.  Well, we want to understand it, and The Net Behaviour Report will help no end.  Enjoy!